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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  November 11, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning, everybody. we will have a beautiful thursday. happy veteran's day. and your day planner on this thursday morning features a lot of sunshine, which we have featured all week for you. by 9:00 in the upper 40s, upper 50s for noon and 5:00 p.m. topping off in the low 60s in most areas. it will be very nice. a quick look upstairs shows no clouds near us and the temperatures are in the 40s in town. 43 but a lot of suburbs in the low to mid-30s. grab the jacket. a nice afternoon. 6:00 a.m., get the time saver traffic. right now a couple of issues we are following in maryland. let's get to them. the inner loop approaching ritchie-marlboro. we are losing a couple of lanes because of a disabled vehicle an a report of a wreck as you had to prince georges county. this is at route 4, pennsylvania avenue where it meets ritchie-marlboro road, as well. looking at the wide view, a reminder because of the veteran's day holiday a lot of roads like canal and rock creek
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parkway are running on the weekend pattern. 270 southbound, we are watching this trip in maryland. looks like a little volume past 121 but overall no big problems making your way to the split. hov lane restrictions have been lifted because of the holiday. let's go ahead and look at the travel times. inner loop 395 to the toll road, 13 minutes and eastbound 66 checking out okay and the dulles toll road, no problems to report. we're in the green here trying to get to the beltway. in the next traffic report, we are looking at 50 westbound from the eastern shore. over to you. at the top of the hour, here's the stories happening today. veterans day, 2010, vice president biden will lay a wreath at the arlington cemetery and host a veterans day breakfast at the white house. and o'malley will host a breakfast in annapolis at the maryland world war ii memorial at 10:30. this is neat.
6:02 am is posting 115,000 u.s. academy applications on- line. including george custer and you can view them for free on-line today through sunday. president obama is spending his veteran's day in south korea. while you slept he honored those who died in uniform as well as those who serve. the commander in chief visited the korean war memorial in south korea. he laid a wreath there. there was also a 21-gun salute. mr. obama met with some of our troops station i don't have seas. -- overseas. >> we also remember that honoring those who served is about more than the words we say on veteran's day or memorial day. it is about how we treat our veterans every single day of the year. it is about making sure they have the care they need and the benefits they have earned when they come home. >> the president met with south
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korean leader the two talked about trade. it is a lead up to the g-20 summit which is now getting underway. the veteran's day holiday should make traffic lighter this morning. >> that is a good thing for anyone who's driving through georgetown. what a mess yesterday morning commuter dealt with a hole in the road along m treat near the key bridge. kristin fisher is live to show us what it looks like today. >> good morning. just imagine having to be stuck in traffic for half an hour yesterday. when you are trying to simply get over the key bridge. that's what drivers here were dealing with yesterday before this temporary function was put in place. you can see this car had no trouble going over the steel plates that have been placed over the hole in the road. this started on tuesday when dc water crews were working to fix a broken water valve at this notorious traffic choke point in georgetown.
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they fixed it around 4:00 yesterday morning, but they left the job before the road was in shape to handle the heavy traffic that came afterwards. you are looking at what happened. the muddy ruts developed causing many cars to scrape gravel. traffic slowed to a crawl at one point and was even rerouted through the gas station where i am standing right now. finally eight hours later, at noon, contractors were called in thin were finally able to place a temporary fix in place. we are hoping, hoping that a permanent fix will be in place for the morning rush on monday. everyone wants to say, whose fault is this? kristin is live at the metro center and welcome back in a bit. we asked metro chairman about the safety of the escalators.
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he says crews must strip the escalators down and rebuild them from scratch by hand because they are old and they are not made anymore. >> we don't want any passenger ever to be injured. and safety is a key thing that we all have to adopt as our number one priority and i think we did do that. >> reporter: benjamin admits they should have placed the escalator brake warnings on the safety sensitive list giving them a higher priority. it is back to the drawing board for mcdonnell and the plan to privatize the liquor stores. it is believed privatization would bring in 858 million there's. how far, some lawmakers say it would cost the state $47 million in annual revenue. the thirsty turtle is without a liquor license.
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the troubled college park bar surrendered its license last night. the move came moments before a hearing with the prince georges county liquor control board. it was a problem after four people were stabbed at the bar last month. they say bartenders served alcohol to miners also. jessica doyle is back with a focus on your money. >> this morning she is talking about your plastic. >> this week we have been looking at the kiplingers best list for 2010 and this morning we are looking at the credit cards, the ones you want to have in your walletlet. if you are looking for immediate rewards a cash back card is a good way to go and kiplingers likes the amex card. if you spend $6,500 you will earn 5% cash back on basics and
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will drop by a quarter of a percent point. you can do that up to eight times. that's two whole points off and earn bonus points using the credit card and 13% is a good rate, particularly for college kids. >> wow! >> absolutely. that's interesting. seems like they are trying to get people back to using credit cards. >> the credit card industry has been beaten up for good reason but there are some good cards out there for folks. obviously it helps to have a good score. but they are available. >> check out the blog to get that information. whether you use plastic or cash it is never too early to think of holiday shopping and we are here to help you say ready, set, shop. >> big news from the nation's biggest retailers. the new york times is reporting is offering free shipping on 60,000 items and there's no minimum purchase. it will likely force other
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retailers to offer free shipping, as well. we have a special shopping section set up at just look for the red, set shop banner on the right side of the home page. still ahead, which freshman came up big for the terps last nate? up next, one of the easiest ways to help military families in need this veteran's day. >> throughout the hour, we are passing along veteran's day deals for anyone in uniform. get details on the deals by we'll be right back.
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we are looking at clear and cold conditions this morning. 30s and 40s. er 4 as in town by 5:00. the 3:00 p.m. temperature urn sunny skies and at 6:00 p.m. clear and 55. let's go to angie with your time saver traffic. >> thank you, howard. we are traveling 50 westbound. all is a go from the eastern shore to inside the beltway. a reminder, hov restrictions are still in place for this road. coming up in the next traffic report, a couple of accidents to avoid in maryland. mike? it is coming up on 12. people aboard a cruiseship stranded at sea are getting
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free drink and the use of a satellite phone now. tug boats are pushing the splendor back to san diego right now and they say it should reach port by sometime tonight. 4500 people are stuck on that boat. carnival calls it the worst incident in the company's history. this morning, british prime minister david cameron is calling a violent protest there unacceptable. students raided a conservative party headquarters on wednesday they are upset about a proposal to triple their tuition fees. 18 people were hurt in this. nasa says it will repair two cracks found in the shuttle discovery while the shuttle is still on the launch pad. both were found in the external fuel tank. discovery could still launch by the end of this month. >> thank you. this veteran's day, wusa 9 and the uso of metropolitan washington are joining forces to raise money for the uso's holiday food basket program. it is called turkeys for troops
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and here to talk about the fund- raising effort is melanie carson. she is a military spouse and volunteer for the uso of metropolitan washington. thank you for being with us and we say thank you to the service for the troops and their spouses and families because this is a shared responsibility and obligation, isn't it? >> it is. absolutely. spouses and kids serve, too and especially during the holiday season it is a perfect time for the members of the community to support them and show them that they are thinking of them also. >> exactly. turkey for the troops, just how great of a need is it for military families this year? >> it is a big need. the first year we started in 2008, we were able to serve 100 families. last year, we saw a record year and served 700. this year we have had requests for assistance from 2100 families this year. >> wow! >> we have a great need and that's why we are reaching out to the community. >> it is not just turkeys in
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the baskets for the troops. what else are you putting in. >> a full meal for a family of six and it has -- there will be all the trimmings, rolls, sides, pie. things like that. and also some families will receive grocery gift cards. >> that's really neat. how can we help you and uso do the best for the troops and their families. >> absolutely. go on-line to our website at or call in to the turkey for troops telethon this evening. >> it will be on nine news. just go to the five, 6:00 and 7 programs on the and donations is what you need. monetary donations. >> absolutely. >> for the family of six, the suggested donation would be $50 and that would serve the whole family of sick. that provides the gift basket in one thing we can say as we close out, this is turkey for the troops for the holidays but uso is there for the troops and their families year around. >> every day of the year they provide that piece of home you miss when you come to a new
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city. my family, mahouts band and i just moved back to the area and it was wonderful to be able to come in and just feel like home. >> feel like you are back at home. welcome back home then. thank you for telling us about this and donate to the food basket program go to and no amount is too small. although we suggest starting at $50. if you prefer to make a donation over the phone, we will be hosting a fund-raising telethon tonight on 9 news now. check out our broadcast at five, 6:00 and 7. >> thank you. great program. they are going on on the and all year long. the bus stop forecast on this chilly, veteran's day morning, nothing like 1987. we have got clear skies. 30s and 40s. 6:46 for the sunrise. half hour from now the sun will set as we head to 4:58 this afternoon. 8:00, looking at 47 and sunny. noontime upper 50s. that's going to be nice once
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again. north winds around 10:00. 4:00 p.m. 59 and by 8:00 tonight down to 50. it will be chilly tonight with lighter winds and low 30s to low 40s for tomorrow morning. this morning, 48 degrees in annapolis. 45 cambridge. easton 41 but some 40s from andrews air force base. as cold as 30 in manassas, frederick and cumberland. and martinsburg is 31. steve in cross junk is 34. and bill one of our regulars is calling in with 44 degrees. national we have lost another degree since the 5:00 hour. now down to 43 with a wind chill of 38 an the relative humidity this morning 74%. so, yeah, definitely jacket weather. our weather for the week just hasn't changed much. things are kind of stuck in the atmosphere. the storm off the atlantic seaboard, it is slowly starting to pull away, which is good news for new england. they have had a lousy week. we have had a great week. to the west all is fairly quiet. except there is a front getting closer to illinois and st.
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louis. that will slowly creep east. in fact so slowly it will probably not be here until next week. the future cast for today, plenty of sunshine around here. going out to chicago for business, you may run in to a passing shower. and that's it. clear skies tonight and on friday. here we are on lunchtime on friday, looking sunny and nice. as we head to late friday and saturday now, we are looking at high high pressure almost in iowa with snow on the backside but warmth ahead of it and saturday will be great around here, temperatures are going to shoot flop near 70 in spots. temperatures this afternoon, loy 60s in town. 62, we may buzz be as warm as 65 in culpeper. around 60 in she shenandoah valley, martinsburg and hagerstown and along the bay at chesapeake, keeping it cooler and jan in reedville's temperature was 48 degrees. we have the weather watchers taken care of. now the extended forecast. next three days, 62 on this veteran's day, 64 for friday.
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a great finish to the workweek. the weekend starts off wonderfully on saturday with a high in the upper 60s. a few more clouds on sunday. we will go to 66. these clouds come in quicker and might be a little cooler. monday 62. slight chance of a shower. should be okay for the skins game and then wet weather on tuesday and only in the low 50s. it is 6:18. here's angie goff. >> thank you organization ward. good morning. a couple of tieups to tell you about. to kick things off begin with route 4, pennsylvania avenue at ritchie-marlboro. an accident out there. watch for the police presence. taking it to 270. out of frederick an accident approaching 85. overall you are clear from father hurley to the split. back to the maps, we want to show you how the virginia roads are doing. 66 to be particular. heading eastbound, no issues to report as you make your way from centreville to inside the beltway. we have hov lane restrictions lifted was of the veteran's day holiday. same situation for other virginia roads, as well. the travel times on the outer
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loop in maryland from 95 to 270 only ten minutes. the inner loop is okay between route 4 and the wilson bridge and dc 295, to the 11th street bridge, seven minutes and growing. coming up in the next traffic report, we will have a look at the district roads and how they are impacted because of the holiday. over to you. >> thank you, angie. the time is 6:19. still ahead, this morning, who's calling for a pay freeze for all federal workers. and next in sports, an amazing night for john wall. see what he did for the first time in a wizard's uniform. but first another veteran's day deal. outback steak house is giving away a free bloomin' onion to active duty troops and veterans. all you have to do is show a military organization or veterans card. learn about this by going to dc.metromix phone com.
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get ready for another day like we have had. in the 80s and 40s now. -- 30s and 40s now. upper 50s at noon and at 5:00 p.m. with the highs today in the lower 60s. >> in sport the capitals go for their sixth consecutive win tonight. >> they will post the lightning. the puck drops at 7. last night at the verizon center neck wizards hosted the rockets. wizards rookie wall had one heck of a night. his first triple double, 19 points, 13 assists. ten boards. wizards take it. the terpins are 2-0 in the young season. williams scored 26 point and had 15 rebounds by the freshman
6:24 am
howard who scored the game winner with five seconds left. maryland gets by the college of charleston. the nationals are embracing the curly w. the team unveiled the new uniforms last night at the ballpark. the home, away and alternate jerseys did away with the team name and city. it is now just a curly w. >> it is neat. >> still to come, a show down on captiol hill. coming up cutting the national deficit. a presidential commission's plan is starting to come out. find out what it means for you. over to angie with a quick check on the roads. the holiday pattern is in place on canal, 16th and independence and rock creek parkway. coming up, more roads impacted by the holidays. right now we have another one of our veteran's day deals. >> a great one.
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chili's west bar and grill is offering a meal for free. for dine in only and active duty and veterans. details on this and other details by going to you are watching 9 news
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selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue. a look at 395 at the pentagon and arlington. a rare sight. free flowing high at this hour. >> dream come true. >> thanks for joining us on this veteran's day. we thank you for your service. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. angie will have a lot of pavement to talk about. >> can i go home? >> here's howard with the holiday forecast. >> we are on cruise control weather wise, as well. it helps when you have the federal work force off of the highways. >> sure does. >> sunshine will be coming up in 15 minutes when we have the sunrise and the day planner for today. a lot of sunshine. a great week. 48 at 9:00. 58 at noon. 3:00 p.m. around 60 and 6:00 p.m. under clear skies and 55
6:30 am
degrees. this morning, we have got the clear skies again with the clouds to the east with the atlantic storm finally pulling away. a chill is in the air. it is 30 in manassas. 33 in reston. 38 columbia. and andrews is 37 and ft. belvoir in arlington 41 degrees. the highs later today, laytonsville, 59 with 61 for laurel and bowie. 64 in manassas. leesburg 63 and we will top off at 62. 6:30. angie is standing by with the time saver traffic. >> good morning to everyone. despite the lanes being open we have a couple of tieups to tell you about. 270 southbound approaching route 85 is where we have crash activity. use caution. moving to route 4 at ritchie- marlboro. another accident with police on the scene. check on the overview and the area. we are clean and green. 395, just saw the live picture outside. we'll show you it again. feast your eyes on this.
6:31 am
lanes are wide open from duke street to the 14th street bridge. the outer loop and show you the travel times. everyone is fine here making their way from 95 to 270. on the inner loop in virginia from 395 to the toll road, 14 minutes and on 674 to the beltway no incidents or accidents. still ahead, we will have more on the maryland tieups to avoid. over to you. a special your money report and a really important story this morning. >> a controversial plan to cut the national deficit. jessica is here to tell us what this will mean for us. >> this is controversial. i can't stress that enough. the president appointed a commission to come up with ways to slash the deficit. and some of the ideas on the table would particularly hurt seniors. overnight the president already acknowledged part of the plan won't be popular but one of the committee cochairs erskine bowles says the steps have to be taken.
6:32 am
>> with we are clearly on an unsustainable path. we can't grow our way out of this problem, cant tax or cut our bay out of it. >> before anyone starts to shooting down proposals, i think we need to listen. beneath to gather the fact an be straight with the american people. >> reporter: the plan aims to cut the deficit by 4 trillion there's over the next ten years and would do so by reduing cost of living increases for seniors on social security. it would raise retire age to 69. eliminate tax deductions for paying off mortgage interest and tax capital gains and dividends at higher rates levied on income. the final report is due september 1st. >> voters made it clear in the midterm elections they don't want new taxes but what about the impact on seniors. >> it is huge. 64% of seniors live on social security as their primary source of income. no cost of living adjustment
6:33 am
for 2010, no cost of living adjust for 2011. their investments have gotten devastated by the stock market and low interest rates by the fed and this is the third rail of politics. seniors vote and they go to the polls and their lobbies are powerful. >> they voted for the republicans in greater numbers this time. so they also want to see the deficit reduced as well. >> they do but they don't want higher tax and don't like the health care plan because they see higher health care costs in the future and right now they can barely cover health care costs. >> that's why the entitlements are so difficult to change oh the years. it hasn't happened before, but does that mean it will happen now. >> there is something to hate in this plan for everybody. when pelosi and the tax guys are getting together to say we hate the plan. already a former gnat republican, allen simpson who's on the panel says he needs to go in to witness protection because of this. they need 14 members to sign on
6:34 am
to even move to congress for debate. it doesn't look like they have the 14 commission members a this point. >> thank you. federal workers have the day off and many are talking about comments by john boehner. >> another controversial subject. the ohio republican is talking about a pay freeze for federal workers. >> we say there ought to be a freeze on the hiring of new federal employees and, frankly we ought to freeze the pay. it's gotten to a point where the average federal worker makes twice as much as the average private sector worker. >> reporter: our partners at "usa today" report more federal workers are making $150,000 a year these days. we got reaction from some federal workers. >> you are working for america. so i don't see what the problem is. >> i want to serve the american public and i work very hard for what i get. my count parts in the private industry make more money than i
6:35 am
do. >> reporter: what do you think? are federal workers unfairly targeted or should they tighten their belts like a lot of private companies? leave your comments on our facebook page >> the shake-up from election day is affecting house leadership on both sides of the aisle. the heat is on for nancy pelosi to step down. some democrats say they will not support her as minority leader. the democrats will hold party elections next week. on the republican side, the interparty fight averted. backman says she will not run for gop leadership position. she was considering a run for conference chair. that's the number four leadership spot. in other news, defense attorneys in the chandra levy levy murder trial could complete the case as early as monday. prosecutors dropped the sexual assault charge against ingmar guandique. kidnapping and murder charges still stand.
6:36 am
levy was the washington intern found murdered in rock creek park in 2002. yesterday, prosecutors revealed that dna evidence from belongings -- that dna, belonging to former representative gary condit, was found in levy's underwear. it is believed the two were romantically linked but condit never admitted to anything. it could be next week before the morning commute through georgetown is back to normal. that's because of a hole in the road and some rough repairs in the area. kristin fisher is live along m street near the key bridge to show us what happened and how it looks this morning. chris tip, good morning. >> good morning. it is a lot better now than it was yesterday morning when right here behind me there was just giant holes in the road right here. you can see this is a temporary fix. big steel plates are now in place. these cars are having no problem driving over it. that's the good news. look at what it looked like yesterday and you can see why
6:37 am
some drives were saying they felt like they needed an atz to get to work. -- atv to get to work. this all started with a broken water valve at this notorious traffic choke point in georgetown. dc water crews finished fixing the valve yesterday morning but left before the road was in shape to handle all of the heavy traffic that came afterwards. yesterday, a spokesman for dc water said he did not know why crews left before the road was in condition to handle all of the rush hour traffic. although he did point out that the pipe, the water pipe right below these big steel plates. that pipe was put many place long before the civil war. they say they are dealing with old infrastructure and that was part of the problem but the big news for drivers is when will the permanent repair be in place and the answer is it won't be until next monday. back to you.
6:38 am
kristin is live reporting from georgetown this morning. looks like country music is honoring the latest and best artist once again. >> this year, a west virginia singer went home with the top awards. >> the cma entertainer of the year is -- brad paisley. >> it is hard to believe but it is paisley's fist win. he has won male vocalist of the year in the last three years. >> this year was blake shelton that won best vocalist. and miranda won song of the year. coming up the son of a controversial religious and political figure finds a normal life as a uv ark basketball player. howard has a look at the forecast and a look at the weekend. right now another one of the veteran's day deals. >> this is from krispy kreme. get a free doughnut this morning. it's for all active duty, retirees and veterans. >> learn more about the deals
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welcome back to 9 news now. howard bernstein is here with the weather first. >> we have another good day. anyone complaining?
6:43 am
no one. >> no one at all. if you work outside, or need to get something done outside we have been telling you this for a couple of days, this has been a great week to finish up those pre-winter chores. the weather will turn at some point in the next couple of weeks. right now it ain't happening. let's get the bus stop forecast. as it has been the case this week, we have a chill to start the day. 30s an 40s. some areas down to 30 this morning. sunrise at 6:46. it will set at 4:58 this afternoon. looking a the day planner by 9:00, upper 40s. sunshine, northernly winds at seven miles an hour. they will be up to the ten mile an hour range most of the day. noontime in the upper 50s and same story at 5:00 p.m. topping in the low 60s. by the bay you may hold in the 50s. satellite and radar. clear skies overhead. a few clouds off shore. but it is quiet this morning. that's a good thing. chilly also. luray 32, cumberland and
6:44 am
peterburg, frederick, manassas, down to 30 degrees and 43 at gnash. op the bay, lou anne calling in at 48 degrees for annapolis and 41 fredericksburg. charlie in catlett 37 and 43 clear skies and a wind chill this morning of 38. look at that barometer. 30.33. that's a nice high barometer and will get stronger as high pressure is building in. we have a chill in the northeast. caribou is 26. most of the cold is in the western haft of the country. right here, you see the green coming up in to wisconsin? that's an area of warmer temperatures ahead of a storm system. that will be pulling in our direction. the cold airing we have snow out of denver, also up in the northern plains. another storm system is coming to the northwest. and as long as it is stormy in the west, generally we will stay nice in the east. and that's what is going to happen. the warmer temperatures we were looking at will be building in as we go through the next couple of days.
6:45 am
by the weekend, things look a lot better. and for us, we continue with the clear skies and the future cast for today, tonight and again tomorrow. in fact, we will be in good shape here. i think through the weekend. next three days, happy veteran's day. thank you to the veterans and those who serve now. cool, 62. pleasant and 64 on friday and saturday. a very nice saturday. one of the better ones all month. sunday a few more clouds and cooler. 86. by monday 62. slight chance of a shower at the home football game with the skins and eagles on sunday night and rain on tuesday. highs 50 to 55. 6:45. angie has the time saver traffic. not much going on right now. better news on 270 approaching rout 85. the accident has cleared. all of the lanes wide open to the split. let's check on the -- okay. we will skip the maps and zoo zoom to the outer loop and show you everyone is okay at speed from 95 to 270.
6:46 am
no issues along the way. in virginia, 66 heading eastbound. it is a clear commute past 50 to 495. a check on the travel times reveals the inner loop in maryland from route 4 to the wilson bridge is only taking nine minutes. we will take a look at how the holiday is impacting your road rules today. that's coming up at 6:58. back to you. well, if you say the name louis farrakhan it is likely to inspire a variety of reactions. just about all of them passionate but not necessarily all pot. >> that's for real. another member of the farrakhan family is rebranding the name in a different arena. a story of a young man trying to understand his family legacy and break free from it at the same time. >> we tell ourselves not to judge a book by its cover but it is hard not to when this is the cover. >> the white race is a race of devils. >> reporter: that's nation of islam leader louis farrakhan, a lightning rod for controversy
6:47 am
over the last 30 years, considered by many to be a purveyor of racism and anti- semitism and this is his grandson. >> here is farrakhan going the other way. >> i wish people could know my family better and get a chance to be in the circle i'm in and be able to see how it really is. >> come here. >> reporter: he is a senior honor student at the university of virginia and the captain of the cavaliers basketball team. and at least on the surface, the apple seems to have fallen miles from the tree. >> when you get to know him he is a down to earth guy. he's funny. >> he certainly has a unique background, different than most of us, but he has been a gentleman and a joy to have. >> reporter: while the younger farrakhan is anything but the polarizing figure his grandfather has been and outwardly has none of the same insunday yea views the two are close and basketball is their common bond.
6:48 am
because of health issue and security concerns, his controversial grandfather has not seen him play in person here at uva, although plans are in the works to make that happen this season. in the meantime, the two talk basketball all the time. >> you know, sometimes i will crack a joke saying he will take me to the hoop or something. and we laugh an joke but he is very happy for me. >> reporter: in that respect, the elder farrakhan will be like any other grand dad in the stands at you can va's arena this winter, except for the dozen or so security people flanking him on every side. >> never know who's out there at the game. so, i mean, he just wants to be there to enyou the game. -- and enjoy the game. >> back in high school it wasn't just the grand father, he actually traveled to road games with the fashion of islam
6:49 am
security. >> since he arrived in charlotte that's no longer the case. he lives in a form on campus like any over student. check of news before you go coming up next. right now another veteran's day deal. applebees is offing seven free entroy treys including bacon cheeseburger, orientle chicken salad and a sirloin steak. learn more at dc.metro good morning. time for you to pick our playoff edition game of the week. these five games for your consideration --
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we are at 43 degrees and sunny out. there some areas down to 30s. so jacket weather. 48 at 9:00. 58 at noon and 5:00 p.m. will see highs upper 50s to low 60s here in town. >> thank you, howard. let's check on the news before you go this morning. president obama arrived this morning at the g-20 economic summit in south korea. world leaders will decide how to balance economic growth. the president called the american economy an engine that drives other countries. metro has posted a 308-page report on the safety of elevators and escalators. the transit agency says it needs to do a better job of sticking to its own standards. metro is conducting a system- wide inspection at the escalators. the attorney general says bob ehrlich did not know about the political robo calls they
6:54 am
encourage people not to vote on election day. 112 thundershower a calls for made. our time is coming up on 654. we will have one more traffic and weather check next. and tgi fridays is offering two for one entree specials today. show a current or an old military i.d. details at dc.metro [ man ] are you aware that verizon fios brings fiber optics to your home
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6:58 am
tuesday when it will be kind of raw, low to mid-50s. talking about the traffic right now, not a lot going on but we have a couple of tieups out there. a report of an accident on georgia avenue at d street in northwest dc. the district roads are impacted by the holiday on weekend and holiday schedules a lot of them t, independent dnc, connecticut, 18th, rock creek parkway and beach drive. approach these roads using caution. hov restrictions have been lifted on 395, 95, 66, 270, pretty much all of the roads with the exception of 50 and maryland. the next report is coming up at 7:25. we will let you know about any incidents. finally this morning we'd like to say a big thank you to so many people who came out on tuesday to see a sneak preview of the manufacture "morning glory "you can see they got thank you bags. >> it debuted yesterday and stars rachel mccadams and diane
6:59 am
keaton and our own mike hydeck. >> you were great in the movie. he opens the movie. >> i couldn't believe seeing it actually in person. it was nerve-racking with my wife next to me. it with as great time and a special thanks to angie goff who put together the marketing. >> my favorite part is when your face popped on the screen and everyone started to cheer he got the loudest applause. not just someone you know in it but you will laugh outloud an we had a great time. >> the stars were down noette. in harrison ford could not have be nicer and rachel mccadams down to earth and sweet. it was really cool. >> go to see the movie and cheer for mike hydeck. as for wall street work are looking lower because of a warning from cisco systems. the "early show" is coming up. they will have more on the stranded cruiseship. and sea salt is


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